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Jonathan Nguyen || 22

I stood there looking out the window
and I thought about the irony of the rain falling
when I felt like it was storming in my heart.

I watched the skies darken as I felt my spirit grow clouded.
I listened to the thunder and my own resolve shook.

I saw all these things and still the only thing that made sense was you.

I looked out into the rain
and I wished for it to wash you away,
to drown your memory.

And then suddenly I hurt even more.

Because I realized in that moment
that the only thing worse than not having you
was to forget you.
That I cannot be complete without you.
That my soul sings an off key solo without your harmony.

I stood in the rain
and wished for lightening to show my path
and instead it lit me on fire with a flame so angry
I thought I would never recover.

    I had gone to the window to wash you away
    and I walked away drowning in you.

where I found comfort
you found monotony. 

quickly and surely:
everything’s changing,
and it’s not for the better. 

lost souls

Vagabond leaves fall from their perfectly nestled homes
free-falling with decorative dreams and the highest of hopes
They embrace their coming of age. 

Reminiscent of greener times, the world becomes a little ginger
tinted by rays of Dante’s Sun, they fall toward upwardly pointing grass.
Spiraling towards Hell while the opposition looks up
Never has life been this lush.

an ode to finals

the redolence of anxiety storm through the residence halls,
how does one function without Ritalin or Adderall?  

pregnant with hopes and engulfed in dreams!
Come at me! Give me your worst, finals! 

My notes… canont undresatnd… feeilgn dylseixc
one more semester where my GPA decided to be anorexic.

To give him all my worries and doubts
To cast aside all my fears
To trust in one entity
                                       I am not worthy.

Christianity isn’t meant for those who wish to remain comfortable
Christianity is meant for those who are willing to trust in him
Christianity means that you are a follower of Christ
                                       Sometimes I don’t want him.

You shall fear the LORD your God
Whoever does not love does not know God,
because God is love.
                                       And I need him.


to my best friend

Memories of a not so distant path trickle through my veins.
Short-term nostalgia; it exists, if only in my brain.
Smile. A promise of eternity.

Hundreds of restless butterflies continually surface
Minutely, in my stomach, as if it were our first kiss.
My heart swells every time you turn to me.

Yesterday’s memories, today’s adventures, and tomorrow’s endeavors.
As cliche as it sounds: I’m willing to do this forever.