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My mind has been distracted and that is good

I apologize if you follow me on twitter because this is all I’ve been talking about. For good reason, though, this is something that has been keeping me distracted, and it has been motivating me to move on in life.

I have a huge interview on Tuesday that has the potential to change the rest of my life. This is the sunshine after the rain. God gave me this opportunity knowing that if I put my trust in him and work my ass off, I WILL get this.

I am simultaneously nervous and excited for this interview. At this point, the other candidates and myself are on a level playing field. No matter how much more stacked their resumes are, it will come down to who has the best interview.

My entire college career, all four jobs (excluding GAP), and two internships have been in preparation for this role at this company.

I realized that I grew up privileged and a lot of things have been given to me; this is something I will earn.

I have studied the last decade’s worth of deals that this company has made, I know its stock/market cap and the implications of these numbers, I know the names of the CEO’s kids. 

I know the answers to tens of potential questions. I have five stories that can be manipulated to answer questions on teamwork, failure, leadership, etc.

I have three specific questions prepared for each of my four interviewers in relation to their career progression/schooling/job function and five general questions just-in-case.

I am ready. I GOT THIS.

I’ve been wallowing in self-pity. This whole time I’ve been blaming you for making me miserable. This whole time I’ve been telling myself that it’s your fault that I’m like this, and you’re a bad friend because of this and that.

In reality, I’m the bad friend. I’m the person that had to try to dig to find something wrong with our friendship just so I could blame someone other than myself. I’m the one who gets bitter and not fun to be around. I’m the one that’s taking you for granted.

I should know better, too. It’s so easy to lose your friends, your loved ones, or your family. I don’t want to lose another friend because of my selfishness.

Dear Tumblr Friends,

It’s unfortunate that I do not talk to most of you anymore, but not entirely sad. We all move on, make new friends, and eventually the memories of our previous friends are refreshing remnants that stay tucked in our brains.

While we might not talk as much (or at all), I still care for you. I want you to know that I am doing alright and life is great.

Even if you aren’t in my life anymore, friends, you’re still dear to me and deserve to know what’s been going on.

I am graduating in seven days, and I will start interning this summer. I am truly happy to have a wonderful support system of friends and family. At the forefront is this girl.

My girlfriend just turned 21 and we are nearing two years together. She’s the most beautiful, smart woman I know. I am reminded, daily, that I am incredibly lucky to have someone so lively, fashionable, and annoying. She keeps me grounded and reminds me to stay humble. She eases my insecurities. She pushes me to be better. I am blessed.


I just wanted all of you to know that I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the memories and I hope you’re all doing well.


In early July, I fell on an outstretched wrist while playing basketball. I thought I only sprained my wrist so I ignored it.

Six weeks later, I found out that I broke a special bone in my wrist that, when broken, cannot heal properly because it doesn’t get a lot of blood from the heart like a lot of other bones do. So when a person breaks this bone, they need to replace the gap between their bone with a bone graft. So on September 13th, I am going to be getting major surgery done where the doctor will take out bone from my hip to fill in the gap that has emerged from the break of one of my wrist bones.

Please pray for me :3

Marathon training

I’ve finally started to take marathon training seriously this past month. Fortunately, I am just trying to finish the marathon in under six hours to receive a medal as opposed to finishing within the “top x” runners.

After running today, I was able to successfully control my asthma and run five miles with a personal best 46:05. While this may not be a very good time or a good milestone to most; I am extremely proud of myself.

I couldn’t be happier.

I hate when you space out and when you snap back into reality, the girl in front of you thinks that you were staring at her boobs the whole time.

Fun way to spend a Sunday.